Gaming and Sports Affiliate Marketing Services

iGaming and Sports Affiliate Program Marketing

We have been working with iGaming and Sports Marketing affiliates for almost 15 years now. During this time we have developed strong working relationships with most of the biggest affiliates, and strong working relationships with lots of smaller affiliates. We have established a reputation for only working with decent bingo, casino and sports programs that convert well. We choose to market only honest affiliate programs with a clean reputation, and we have always ensured all affiliates that we work with get paid fairly and on time. This allows us great leverage when negotiating premium placements for clients, both for established affiliate programs, and for newer brands with less exposure. Contact Us for more details.

Ad Partnership provides the following Affiliate Marketing services for online bingo, casino and sports betting brands:

Affiliate Recruitment

If you require Affiliate Recruitment services, we can support your brand by simply driving new affiliates to your affiliate program; exactly like we would drive new players to your brands’ website.

Ad Partnership recruits new affiliates using a variety of media channels including email, search marketing and social media. We also use lots of affiliate networks, to drive new affiliates in large numbers. Moreover we have direct working relationships with 100s of affiliates, whom we broker deals with directly, mostly by video call and email along with face-to-face meetings.

Affiliate Management

Ad Partnership manages 100s of affiliate accounts for a number of sports, bingo and casino brands. We are constantly recruiting new affiliates, and optimising affiliate campaigns on a regular basis. We been paying lots of affiliates directly, on time every month, for a number of years now.

We have plenty of working relationships with affiliates directly, as well as experience of using affiliate networks to successfully drive affiliates enmasse. Furthermore we can provide you with full-time affiliate managers dedicated to promoting your brand, either on an outsourced basis, or for you to work with inhouse.

If you work for a bingo or casino brand and want more players, or you are an igaming affiliate looking for some great new offers to promote, please Contact Us Here

Along with iGaming affiliate management services we also provide these igaming media agency services: