iGaming Display Advertising Services

iGaming Display Advertising

Ad Partnership has been working with major display advertising networks like Google, Microsoft and Facebook for over a decade now. We also work with a range of demand-side platforms, programmatic and ad networks specialising in display. Our relationships and experience enable us to deliver successful campaigns for our clients by delivering effectice eCPMs, eCPCs and most importably a competitive CPA rate.  Please Contact Us to find out more.

We use a wide variety of methods to target display ads for our bingo, casino, lottery and sports betting clients including:

  • Behavioural Targeting

Targeting players mostly by browser history and keywords searched can sometimes be our most-effective way of targeting certain display campaigns.

  • Content

Targeting players by the content of specific websites e.g. live sports/movie streaming sites has always proved effective wuth our sportsbook display ad campaigns.

  • Contextual

Coupling our 15 years experience of display and search, we manage effective contextual ads across a number of display campaigns, to help boster the straightforward display ads running. iGaming contextual ads work well for all clients.

  • Demographics

We target players using age, gender and income demographics. We understand which works best, as we have been analysing bingo, casino and sports player data for many years now.

  • Device Targeting

We adjust our bidding prices by device, and also block mobile devices our clients cannot convert. Some clients see amazing value from specific devices, and we can target those devices especially. Mobile devices convert bingo, casino, lottery and sportsbook display campaigns well.

  • Keyword Targeting

Our keyword library that we use to target our clients’ campaigns has been evolving since 2005. With over 500K keywords and long-tail phrases covering bingo, casino, lottery, poker and sports betting – our proprietary keyword list always delivers excellent results where applied.

  • Location

Geo-standarding is standard across all of our display campaigns, with optional local targeting. We can acquire traffic from all countries, although we only manage iGaming display campaigns in English.

  • Operating System

We block operating systems that our clients are not compatible with. Some clients are happy to pay more for players acquired through certain operating systems e.g. iOS. For those clients we adjust our bidding prices and target CPAs accordingly.

  • Promotion

We can easily AB Test different promotions before rollout. We can also manage different promotions individually, with a separate set of targets e.g. $400 CPA for Promotion 1, or $300 CPA for Promotion 2 (with a no deposit bonus).

  • Publisher

We target our campaigns by publisher type, as well as targeting individual publishers. We can also block certain publishers for clients e.g. adult sites.

  • Re-Targeting

We manage re-targeting campaigns achieving great results for both acquisition and retention. We understand how to set-up a re-targeting campaign effectively from Day 1, ensuring that our clients maximise their ROI from the off, instead of wasting money optimising their new campaign. Given a list of IP addresses we can also target these.

  • Timing

Sometimes timing is everything! We understand that sports betting and lottery acquisition is generally event-led. Bingo/casino works best when players have idle time, which tends to be in the evenings and at weekends. We always adjust campaign timings, and media bids, accordingly based on the time.

  • URL

We target display advertising campaigns by providing a list of competitior URLs, and then targeting players who visit those URLs. This means ads get served when a player has visited one of your competitors websites in recent times, a great way of targeting traffic by all accounts.

To set-up a Display Advertising campaign for your business please Contact Us