iGaming Lead Generation Services

iGaming Lead Generation Campaigns

Ad Partnership specialise in lead generation for bingo, casino and lottery sites. We drive traffic using a variety of methods including display, search, email and programmatic. We work with a number of data owners and networks, that specialise in lead generation and CPL (Cost Per Lead) / CPR (Cost Per Registration) media. With some suppliers we we find buying media on a CPL/CPR basis is more cost-effective than buying the same media on a CPC/CPA basis, and some suppliers will only work on CPL as a middle ground between CPM/CPC and CPA. Please Contact Us to find out more.

We offer geo-targeting as standard, along with plenty of other forms of targeting, and we can deliver leads from most countries.

As a mandatory requirement clients must be able to apply pixel tracking technology. We require this technology to both track and optimise our lead generation campaigns effectively. Given pixel tracking we can comfortably supply targeted leads and players from a variety of suppliers to your brands. We also recommend a strong CRM program to convert customer registrations effectively. We can support you developing an effective CRM conversion plan if required.

Planning, buying and optimising iGaming lead generation campaigns is one of our core competencies.

Lead generation campaigns can be delivered according to budget. We can also commit to long term campaigns with set monthly budgets, generally following a successful test campaign. 

Please Contact Us to discuss your campaign.