iGaming Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Ad Partnership has working relationships with a number of specliaist mobile advertising networks, who supply our clients with mobile media on a CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA and CPV basis. Having 15 years of experience marketing betting and sports websites and mobile apps, we are very experienced with managing complex mobile campaigns. Please Contact Us to find out more.

We work with these networks to increase our clients reach and increase their market share specifically targeting mobile devices and players. We promote our clients websites for mobile, as well as promoting their mobile apps.

Specialising in English-speaking markets, we are able to send new customers to clients from all markets.

Our exclusive proprietary targeting methodology, involves adding some/all of the following layers of targeting traffic:

    • Apps
    • Behaviour
    • Content
    • Creative
    • Demographics
    • Device
    • Keyword
    • Location
    • Operating System
    • Promotion
    • Publishers
    • Re-Targeting
    • SMS
    • Timing
    • URL

Applying our proprietary set of targeting filters from Day 1, coupled with optimising campaigns on a regular basis, enables us to achieve healthy ROI for our clients. We really do require pixel tracking, to help optimise our mobile marketing campaigns properly.

We tend to work with clients on the basis of a fixed spend or monthly budget. We also work with lots of uncapped CPL/CPI and CPA ad partnerships. To discuss marketing your website on mobile devices please Contact Us

Ad Partnership also provides these managed campaigns for clients in the igaming sphere: