iGaming Partner Sponsorships

Our team at Ad Partnership has extensive experience of managing sponsorship campaigns for bingo, casino, poker and sports betting clients.  We recognise that a well-executed sponsorship campaign can often produce incredible results, much better than you would find with any traditional offline marketing campaign.  Please Contact Us to discuss.

We help plan, manage and optimise sponsorship campaigns across all media including TV, Print and Online Media.  Our teams’ experience of executing successful sponsorship campaigns for bingo clients includes producing the creative and organising sponsorship of targeted TV programs.  Our experience of managing sponsorship campaigns for casinos includes TV creatives; TV sponsorship; guerilla marketing and sponsorship of globally known events. We have also successfully brokered and managed the sponsorship of UK football clubs, and a sponsorship deal between one of our clients and Major League Baseball. Our sports event sponsorship experience includes brokering football club sponsorship deals for clients, and several major sponsorship deals of The Premiership content on TV.

Sponorship campaigns we recommend working with include:

  • Brand Partnerships
  • Channel Sponsors
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Naming Rights
  • Print Sponsorship Campaigns
  • Sports Team Partnerships
  • TV Sponsorship Campaigns

In total our team has organised well over 100 sponsorship campaigns between media owners and igaming clients. Please Contact Us to discuss your brand objectives and we can tailor a campaign for you.

More recently we have been actively brokering more online sponsorship deals for our clients, although we still find offline sponsorship campaigns drive the most traffic online.